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Netley Cliff Sailing Club


COVID19 UPDATE 22nd May 2020

Following the Rear Commodore Dinghies's decision to start sailing, in some form, from Wednesday, May 20th, your Committee has decided that it is appropriate to extend the opening hours for the Club.
This will allow for evening activity. All water activities must finish by sunset and the club premises vacated by 22:00. This will require Members to be responsible for their and everybody else's well being.
It will not be possible for there to be a Committee member present at all times, to take responsibility for the safe closing of the Club. Therefore it will be the responsibility of the last Member present to close up the premises properly, to safeguard those opening the Club the next day.

This will entail disinfecting ALL surfaces touched by anyone during the open period. This will include gates, padlocks, latches, doors, changing room sinks and toilets and, of course, making sure the Club is secure.
This means that all Members MUST still follow the rules laid down to reduce contact between Members, staying at a physical distance, not touching non-essential surfaces and only consorting with members of the same household. Please take note of the notices posted around the Club.

I must stress that this relies on the good sense and compliance of all Members and that should this not be the case then I shall have no option but to cancel the extended hours and revert to a named Committee member being the sole arbitrator of the opening and closing of the Club.    
Stay Safe,
Mick, Commodore NCSC.

Simple!  Just go to the membership form and fill it in.  We will tell you we’ve got it within 24 hours and then arrange for you to come and visit the club and have a good look around.  If you like us we will approve your membership at the next committee meeting (they are on the first Tuesday of every month) and send you an email or phone you to ask you to come along and pick up your key and joining package.

That’s it!


  • Q. I don’t know how to sail and my children would like to learn can we join as a family? +

    Yes you can! We are not a sail training club but there is always someone looking for a crew or only too pleased to help you have a go.

  • Q. Do you have moorings? +

    Yes we do, the club has two trots of moorings, the outer trot for deep keeled boats and an inner trot for bilge keelers. Moorings are professionally installed and maintained.

  • Q. Can I keep my boat at the club? +

    Yes you can!  We have spaces for cruisers and for dinghies.(We can’t store cruisers over 30ft or 5ft draft)

  • Q. Do I need to be nominated by a member or know someone in the club? +

    No you don’t!  Joining is very easy, you fill in the membership form and we do the rest.

  • Q. Will I have to be interviewed by the committee? +

    No you won’t! We do not require any formal letters, presentations or interviews.

  • Q. We don’t have a dinghy, is that a problem? +

    Not at all. The club has its own dinghies that you and your children can borrow.

  • Q. Can I join at any time of the year? +

    Yes you can.